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Bath Kitchen designed and made by Tim Wood

This kitchen was designed and made for a Georgian house near Bath. Tim Wood took inspiration from the original Georgian doors and paneling in the house, for the style of the kitchen and the pantry. From the outset the client dreamed of having a traditional cream Aga, complemented by high-tech appliances.

This is a classic English country kitchen with a modern twist. The island furniture had a Verde Savannah granite top and the other kitchen worktops were in Rain Forest Green granite. There are handmade basket drawers to the left of the Aga and glass shelving in a number of the wall cupboards for storage and display. There are two full size specially made stainless steel pull out bins behind the cupboard doors within the island unit. A double French farmhouse sink and a separate sink within the island unit cover all food preparation needs. The island sink has a mounted Zip tap for the convenience of boiling water and filtered refrigerated water.

But despite its homely qualities, the kitchen is packed with top-spec appliances behind the cabinetry doors. There are two large fridge freezers featuring icemakers and motorised shelves that move up and down for improved access, in addition to a wine fridge with individually controlled zones for red and white wines. These are teamed with two super-quiet dishwashers that boast 30-minute quick washes, a 1000W microwave with grill, and a steam oven with various moisture settings.

The steam oven provides a restaurant quality of food, as you can adjust moisture and temperature levels to achieve magnificent flavours whilst retaining most of the nutrients, including minerals and vitamins.

Designed, made and photographed by Tim Wood

Bath Painted Kitchen